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    Bus Shuttles For Major Music Festivals!

    “Bus shuttles for music festivals are more fun, more affordable, more convenient, and can lower a music festival’s carbon footprint.  On average, FestDrive removes 1,300 cars from the roads for all major music festivals which eases traffic, lowers the number of impaired drivers, and is better for the environment.”

    Upcoming Music Festival Shuttles

    Music Festival Shuttle Tickets On Sale Now:

    Spring Awakening
    Dark Lord Day
    Sublime Boudoir
    What The Festival
    Summer Camp
    Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival

    Leaving Soon!

    Dark Lord Day

    Get your Dark Lord Day shuttle tickets!

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    All Aboard!

    Music festivals all over the country are rolling with FestDrive.

    Electric Zoo Wild Island
    FireFly Festival
    Hard Summer Logo
    Ultra Music Festival
    Governor's Ball
    Freak Deaky
    What The Festival
    Pilgrimage Festival
    Spring Awakening
    Dark Lord Day

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    Common Questions

    No, we only sell shuttle tickets.

    Unfortunately tickets are non-refundable. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for complete details.

    Yes. Just send us an email at [email protected] to let us know the purchaser, and the new riders name. We will transfer the ticket for you.

    Tickets are available for purchase until all tickets are sold out, or simply no longer available. There are certain times when our inventory will drop dramatically in one day due to a spike in sales. So if you are going to purchase a package, we recommend that you do so in a timely manner to ensure availability.

    All ticket confirmations will be emailed to you. You can print the copy for your records, BUT most lines will be a check in system. This means a hard ticket will not be needed to board the bus, just a ID with your name that matches out system. Once you purchase a ticket, you will receive email updates with any pertinent information regarding your trip.

    All festivals are different, but we work with the promoters and local authorities for the most convenient location. All locations are within walking distance, but if a camping festival, dont be shy to pack you carts to make the walk a bit easier.

    Much like the airline industry, unforeseen events such as traffic or mechanical issues do arise from time to time. While we do everything in our power to avoid such delays, they can happen.

    In most instances, the bus will pick up where you were dropped off. That said, each event you will receive final check in instructions 24 hours before the shuttle.

    Yes, please take garbage with you off the coach..

    Typically if the drive is over 75 miles one way, a lavatory will be on the bus. Most vehicles will be equipped restroom, but dependent on ridership smaller vehicles may be swapped in to reduce our carbon footprint.

    No, you will need to take all items with you. If you leave anything on the bus, please email [email protected] so they can check with lost and found

    Please contact us by email at [email protected]