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FestDrive + Chicago Pizza Party!

Let’s talk about the Chicago Pizza Party.

A great philosopher once said “There’s no such thing as bad pizza.” And to some extent she was right, there’s certainly a pizza out there for everybody.

From fresh dough to quality sauces to fresh cheeses, discover the amount of history, love, and effort. Is Chicago’s premier pizza party showcasing the delicious talent from the pizza capital of the world!

Imagine a typical pizza party.

Chicago Pizza Party Maybe there’s a couple of pies from somewhere good. One pizza’s all cheese, maybe another is half cheese/half pepperoni. Maybe there’s a third that’s a veggie or pineapple but we’re not mad, because there are two other’s that keep our focus. Imagine this party, what do you see?

Little plates, napkins, and 2-liters of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite. Maybe if your host is a pizza party veteran, you’re enjoying your CocaCola in the classic Coke cups, because Coke tastes the best coming from the signature red cup over ice, washing down pizza.

Coke Classic Cup

If you don’t know, you’d better ask somebody.

This is no ordinary pizza party. CPP puts little Timmy’s birthday pizza party to shame.

“Get outta here with that weak stuff, Timmy.” –Chicago Pizza Party

Here’s why:

The fun starts when you meet your friends, family, or date at Bottled Blonde in Chicago’s River North, we’re already having fun. After catching up for a bit you board a FestDrive Luxury Bus Charter to the Chicago Pizza Party.

Imagine arriving(in slow motion), seeing Lou’s, Eataly, Dimo’s, Gino’s, Connie’s, Longacre, Big G’s, Pizano’s, and a dozen other Chicago pizza influencers all waving peace flags, coming together for one night to party and sling hot pizza, all in the spirit and passion that is Chicago pizza.


The Chicago Pizza Party is this Saturday, February 11th. We really hope to see you there.

Chicago Pizza Party

Chicago Pizza Party