Houston Super Bowl Traffic Was Bad, But Could Have Been A Lot Worse

Super Bowl Sunday traffic in any city is bound to be relentless and Super Bowl LI was no exception. Looking to cut down on game day stress, many elected to carpool, ride share, take public transit and even walk to NRG Stadium.  StubHub.com, however, had other plans in mind when it came to moving their some 5,000 people at their pregame party to the stadium. By hiring FestDrive for SuperBowl shuttles, they were able to seamlessly shuttle all 5,000+ party-goers safely to the stadium.

Surveyed passengers were quoted as saying they were so pleasantly surprised and how much fun the shuttles contributed to the Super Bowl experience. Driving would have only added to the already stressful commute, but partying with friends on a luxury bus charter not only reduced that stress, but made the commute fun. They were able to enjoy pregame food and adult beverages without the worry of who was going to drive etc, FestDrive had their backs.

In addition to getting everyone there safe, sound and ready to cheer, FestDrive did the city of Houston a service by removing roughly 1,700 cars off the road for gameday. Those who were in Houston for the game will testify to the insane traffic, safe to say it could’ve been a lot worse.

FestDrive continues their mission to make festival and event travel more fun, more affordable and better for the environment. Take a Festdrive bus charter to your next festival.